So lately I have been thinking, things are really great!  I mean I have just graduated college, I couldn’t ask for a better and more fitting job and my boyfriend and I are planning our move to Australia!  I think the best thing I can do now is reflect back on my life and how I got to this great place.  This leads me to my point, I spent the day writing little tidbits of my life; short clips I can remember here and there and I must say I recommend this for everyone.  I shed many unexpected tears and truthfully pulled out some possibly blocked memories that needed to come out.  Not to mention when I am in these types of emotion filled moods, the best writing comes out, so that was just a plus!  I’ll share some lines so you have a better understanding… It starts when I was 7 years old and all I know is happiness..

We live in a small gray house; It is perfect

My dad is so funny; My mom is so serious

My brother hurts me; I think he really likes me though

Mommy is my best friend; She loves spending time with me

Everyone is sad and I don’t understand; Divorce, what’s that?

Mom cries on Christmas; I hold her hand and feel sad

My brother blames mom; My mom blames drugs, whatever those are

I trust mommy though, she never lies; My brother will come around

Daddy doesn’t talk about it much; He just tells jokes…

Who’s the new guy with mom?; Why’s my brother moving out?

Brother’s back but what’s that smell?; Mom calls the cops, I don’t want him to get in trouble

Mom and brother are fighting a lot; Everything will be alright though

Dad’s picking me up in an hour!; I learn about broken promises, mom comforts me

Dating- mom’s new hobby; What is a relationship supposed to look like?

Letters from dad say I’m sorry; Inmate #193920

Mom says drugs got him in there; Dad lies

Needless to say things were about to get much worse and I was not ready for it.  However; the ending of my little reflection leads me to my life right now where I am unbelievable happy.  Sometimes I think, “whats the catch?”  My life is going too good to be true and I just wait around for something bad to happen.  But after writing this reflection I believe I’ve gone through enough hard times in my life and I deserve this happy place I am in.  Not only do I recommend everyone do this to recall memories you didn’t know were still there, but also do this to see how far you’ve come in life and what you went through to get there, then share I’d love to hear it!

It was an uplifting experience for me, to say the least!



Do Writers Choose When to Write?

Hey everyone it’s been a while but I am back!  I have had so much going on lately but I have been dying to get on here and clear my mind.  It got me struggling with the idea that perhaps writers don’t really choose when they write.  We don’t really have a choice it just comes to us and we let it out.  Of course when there is a topic and a deadline, you can get it out, but when there is no specified reason to write I, personally, must wait for the inspiration.  On days when all I want to do is write, I can think of nothing and am forced to wait.  However, on a day like today, the sun is shining, it is absolutely gorgeous outside and instead of being out there I am on my laptop inside, inspired to write.  In no way am I complaining because let’s face it, writing is such a stress reliever for me and my way of relaxing but it is an interesting thought to say the least. 

Till we meet again…. Or should I say till I am struck with inspiration!


Tick Tock Writer’s Block


So I am in the process of becoming a certified Pre-3rd grade teacher through what is called the Alternate Route Program.  My next assignment is to write my philosophy to teaching, this assignment is due tomorrow!  It is basically my teaching method, what I believe in, and how I would overall manage a classroom.  As easy as it is for me to pick any topic and write several pages on it, this for some reason has me stumped.  I love children and have been teaching for the past few years, it comes natural to me so why is it so hard to write this?

Writer’s Block : a psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece of writing.  (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

It would seem I have writer’s block… I decided to search the web for ways to counter my block and I thought I would share my findings with my readers…

  1. Take a break, step away and when you return hopefully you can resume
  2. Read a magazine cover to cover, sometimes this gives you insight from other writers
  3. Do free-writing, forget punctuation and just go with the flow
  4. Eliminate distractions
  5. Exercise!  It is great for the brain and perhaps it’ll get some thoughts brewing on your story!

Loved all of these tips but my favorite and what may help me through my block is to “chug a mug” 🙂 coffee of course & needless to say, done..

Stalling : to delay or put off action (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Cali  bridge cali beach cali

Inspired by my newly booked trip to California I have been researching travel tips and advice quite frankly because I am too anxious and have nothing better to do!  Did you know you could store necklaces in straws to avoid tangling? Or that by exercising the day before your flight you can completely avoid jet lag?  These random, but helpful tips got me interested to further my research and this is what I found…

  1. Place dryer sheets in suitcases to keep clothes smelling fresh
  2. Store extra cash in empty lip balm containers (medicine and earrings would work too)
  3. Bring tea bags in purse for the flight & only ask for hot water. FREE
  4. Instead of folding clothes, roll them or put them in bags to save room
  5. Store chargers in glasses case
  6. Big clips over raiser blades for packing
  7. Contact cases could be used for liquid makeup- foundation
  8. Empty Tic tac case for bobby pins
  9. Put a shower cap on the bottoms of shoes if dirty
  10. Create a binder/folder of your destination with all reservations, tickets, passports etc. inside so you will not stress when things go missing!

One last thing I would recommend when going on a trip is to photograph everything.  I try to make scrapbooks of all the places I go and I love looking back in them to reminisce.  Have fun & safe travelings 🙂

Today I Want to Write

Welcome to my blog! I’m Brandi, 23, preschool teacher, psychology graduate and an aspiring everything.  I have such varied passions that it’s hard to make up my mind on one career or one dream. Do I have to?  Why all the pressure to settle in one profession? Why can’t I do everything I love and blog about it?  So that is just what I’ll do.  Here are some of the things I love that I will be blogging about when the passion strikes! Health, Fitness, Children, Baking, Cooking, Travel, Weddings, Psychology, Fashion, Romance, Photography and Crafts! The truth is, everything in this world is beautiful and wonderful and you can never stop learning what you love.  That is my story and I’m sticking to it!

Stay tuned…

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